Software packages

We offer following TANK DESIGNER ® packages:

Round package
Angular package
AngluarPlus package
Basic package
Complete package
Ultimate package
All-In package

Cylindrical tanks + all related additionals
Angular tanks + all related additionals
Angular package + twin-wall-sheets
Cylindrical + angular tanks + ventilation ducts
Basic package + earthquake safety
Basic package + costing + additionals
All inclusive network version

M 0+2a+2a.1+2a.2
M 0+1+1.1
M 0+1+1.1+7
M 0+1+2a+3+4  (2a.2 or 1.1 instead 3+4 possible)
M 0+1+2a+3+4+ (2a.2 or 1.1 instead 3+4 possible)
M 0+1+2a+3+4+6+1.1+2a.1+2a.2
M 0+0.1+1+2a+3+4+5+6+7+1.1+2a.1+2a.2

Our TANK DESIGNER ® upgrade packages:

Basic to Ultimate
Basic to All-in

additional modules
additional modules

M 6+1.1+2a.1+2a.2
M 0.1+5+6+7+1.1+2a.1+2a.2

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Please note: Any single module is available as upgrade (retrofit) at any time!