Design calculation for your poly tanks!

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This software was developed as an engineering tool to support experienced plastic tank designers in the design and dimensioning of thermoplastic tanks, apparatus and other similar products. In this case, design refers to the dimensioning of base, roof and wall thicknesses as well as a reinforcement system made of thermoplastic material, steel or aluminium. For this purpose, the programme uses calculation methods set out in directives, recommendations and standards. If official information is not available, it makes use of the experience of the programme manufacturer or other experts and specialists.
Training and instruction!? The programme is self-explanatory! The user manual contains the important instructions for correct input and provides details about the technical background. If you still have some unanswered questions, please contact us via telephone at any time. Special training and instruction for Tank Designer is not required based on our clients’ experience!


The basic rectangular tank model offers reinforcement systems made of St37 or thermoplastic material. Additionally, you can choose from the profiled materials steel: St52/ V2A/ V4A or aluminium using an optional module. In addition, you can choose from five further options to determine how the vertical tanks are to be fixed and whether a tie rod is necessary.

Manholes + nozzles

Does the cylindrical tank contain nozzles or manholes? Tank Designer takes this into consideration whether they are in the roof or the sides of the cylinder. An optional module helps determine the required nozzle, flange and lid thickness and adds this into the calculations for the required cylinder thickness.


Will your product be used under fluctuating temperatures? Will it be set up in a building or outdoors, in summer or in winter, in sun, wind and/or snow? Tank Designer precisely calculates the long-term stability even in highly complex temperature conditions using the Miner rule!


Select from 16 different materials offered with the names and parameters found in international standards and independent of the manufacturer, wherever possible.

Service life

Specify the design period for which your product is intended. Depending on the material, you can choose between a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 50 years!


Specify the process with which your product is manufactured: as wound or extruded tubes or as sheets? Which welding process will be used?

Earthquake proof

Cylindrical and vertical tanks (with flat, conical or sloped bottom) can now be optionally assessed for their seismic safety. This is possible at any installation site around the world. Tank Designer allows the input of the known subsoil conditions as well as all the earthquake magnitudes.

Verifiable statics

Tank Designer provides multi-page static figures with all the required details such as formulas, material parameters, calculations, abbreviations and important process tips for preparing bids, manufacturing, inspections or one-off approvals. You can provide your international clients copies of these documents in various languages either on paper or as PDFs.

Tank Designer 5 can be set up on a network. With module N1, you can compile your data in a central database!