What has been updated in Version 5.3?

Included in the update price:


– revised calculations according latest edition DVS 2205 ff (05.2015)
– edited report templates according latest edition DVS 2205 ff (05.2015)

2205-1         (2015-01)
2205-2         (2015-12)
2205-2 BB2 (2015-12)
2205-2 BB3 (2015-12)
2205-2 BB4 (2015-12)
2205-2 BB5 (2015-12)
2205-2 BB6 (2015-12)
2205-2 BB7 (2015-12)
2205-2 BB9 (2015-12)

Characteristic values
Calculation of upright, cylindrical, non-pressurerised tanks
Calculation of a flat round roof
retention tanks (bonds)
Calculation of upright, cylindrical, non-pressurised tanks in seismic areas
Calculation of cylindrical tank frames in seismic areas
Calculation of double layerrd cylindrical tanks
Calculation of conical base with ring support
Calculation of sloped base with parallel support

– edited factors A2I and A2B Chemical influence according latest DIBt list 40
– added new sheet thickness 22,5 mm (into metric list)
– added field for ambient temperature input with long term and short term effect

Module 1 rectangular tanks

– added dimensions of vertical beam into rectangular calculation result window
– added volume calculation % ; Vnet; V
– created new additional module 1.2

Module Z 7 added / allowed to calculate Twin-Wall (HKP) tanks with circumferential stiffener

Module 2a cylindrical tanksButton Rührwerk Eingabefenster

– added pressure / vacuum converter in metric and imperial dimension
– added wind load converter for any windspeed in metric and imperial dimension
– changed and added volume calculation % ; Vnet; V
– added complete design and proof for roof mounted agitator (mixer)
– added calculation of auxiliary load (e.g. person on the roof)

Module Z 2a.2 added conical base, with ring support (acc. DVS 2205)

Module 6 corrected and revised cost analysis on cylindrical tanks

What is the new module 1.2 about?

against extra cost:

– module Z 1.2 long term pressure in rectangular tanks
– added pressure converter (rectangular tanks) in metric and imperial dimension