Experts in design + fabrication of semi finished plastics

FAB-Consult offers you with engineering services related to design fabrication of semi-finished plastic products!

Expert report

Do you require a report or expert advice in the following fields:

– Tank and apparatus construction
– Tank-related calculations
– Weld seams or welding machines

Plastics Engineer Thomas Bauer works as an expert in these fields and prices will be provided on request.


Do you require statics/verifiable statics for rectangular/cylindrical tanks or a tank with special design? We will be pleased to calculate the figures for you and deliver the verifiable results in PDF or paper form. Simply fill out the “Statics Request” form (available in the download section). Please submit to us via email or fax together with the drawing. We will make the calculations within the shortest possible time. The costs for each set of rectangular or cylindrical tank statics made with Tank Design are €150. Statics for special designs will be charged based on the amount of work required.


Do you have questions regarding tank construction, calculation methods, directives, materials and the like? Do you need assistance in calculating tank dimensions? For a single annual payment of €185, we will provide you with help and advice via telephone at any time. If you are interested in this service, call us at the telephone number provided or send us an email. The price includes Tank Designer calculations for one year. Do you require targeted consultancy services or training? We are glad to help at a fee billable per quarter hour. If you require on-site consultancy services, we will invoice you for travel and other related costs.