new version

New Version 5.3 since 03.2016!
Update (against cost) for all modules and all Tank Designer Customer!
Update according the latest (massive) changes in DVS 2205 (dated 12-2015)!
Simplified application routines and new extension for rectangular and cylindrical tanks!

Now also available: rectangular steel tanks (optional module Z 1.3)
New optional module Z 1.2: calculation of rectangular tanks under internal pressure!

TANK DESIGNER® proven excellence

for thousands of projects around the world since 1995!

TANK DESIGNER® 5 is the software with the widest range of applications in the market developed for the practitioner! With just a few clicks and data, Tank Designer® 5 calculates the dimensions of your rectangular or cylindrical thermoplastic tank / apparatus / ventilation duct. A thorough user guide explains all the steps and provides important technical support. It could not get much simpler! And if you have any question, please contact our excellent service team!

 TANK DESIGNER® earthquake save

 Allows you to integrate earthquakes of any magnitude in the calculation

Round, vertical tanks (with flat, conical or sloped base) maybe designed earthquake save. The location of the tanks might be at any place of this earth! TANK DESIGNER® allows you to take into account known subsoil structures as well as magnitude (e.g. acc. Richter scale).



Additional module for rectangular tanks made of twin wall sheets

This add-on module is for rectangular tanks based on DVS 2205-5 and EN 12573-5. It can calculate all hollow panels (twin wall sheets) currently available on the market (suitable for thermoplastic tank construction). The calculation of production costs by cost analysis (M 6) is integrated and available for users of this module 6. This allows you to make a direct comparison between full thermoplastic tank and those made of twin wall sheets.


TANK DESIGNER® Individual cost analysis

Find the optimum technical design in a range of material and labor cost!

TD5 is the software to design your plastic tanks and calculated involved production costs. For any application the right solution! Let Tank Designer calculation software for thermoplastic tanks and apparatus work for you. The result will be optimized wall, floor, and roof thickness of cylindrical tanks, ventilation ducts and scrubbers, as well as an optimal supporting system from various materials in rectangular tanks. Plus Tank Designer will help you to find the optimum between labor and material and will generate related listings for your production.

TANK DESIGNER® multilingual

Save translation costs!

The software is able to work and or print in any language! Hence, it allows you to choose the right language for your worldwide customer! You just need to order the appropriate language pack (online within seconds via our shop). Surprise your customer with a design calculation is his mother language! There is no easier way to convince about your service!


With online TAN (Trans Action Number) delivery

The most effective, flexible and fast solution for those who just need to design plastic (poly) tanks sporadically. This is the alternative to fully payable version software. Just visit our shop!

TANK DESIGNER® trade mark

 We are happy to announce that TANK DESIGNER® software is a registered Community Trade Mark. Register no. is 012094488 as of 08.01.2014

TANK DESIGNER® is a protected and registered Trade Mark of FAB-Consult Thomas Bauer!

TANK DESIGNER ® products:

Software classic
(full version)

Install and test the DEMO version (on up to 3 computer). With the purchase of one (1) full version, you will receive up to three (3) software license key by E-Mail. These 3 licenses of the full version are applicable for unlimited time. Optionally, the database for all workstations in a network can be managed centrally.

Software online
(goto shop)

Install the DEMO version, buy a very inexpensive online license once and then order your TAN (Transaction Action Numbers) to temporary or limited amount using of the software at our online shop only according to your requirements.

Service: calculation
and consulting

Please see “Service” where you will find a questionnaire for design calculation. You may download this as PDF file. Fill it out and send it send it to us together with a sketch. We then will perform the calculations for you and optimize the product according your needs!

Any question? Please contact: 

FAB-CONSULT Thomas Bauer 
Rielker Weg 11 OT Wremen
D- 27639 Wurster Nordseekueste
Fon: +49-4705-9511 636
Fax: +49-4705-9511 637
eMail: info @

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